New Remix + Vegas + Crave The Movement


Man.... what a summer it's been!  Easily my favorite summer so far!  How has yours been?  I love hearing back from others!  
So first thing is first, PRIMERO has re-released, this time by the tune of legendary producer David Thulin.  David and I have been communicating for a while now, so I was stoked when we decided to work on our first collaboration together!  The trance style remix turned out great!  It's available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal and more.  Stay tuned for another remix scheduled to drop sometime this fall!

It was my first time there!  It was 115 degrees.  I loved it!  I am extremely grateful for G7 and Cisco for bringing me into their GSX event.  It was great connecting, networking and performing in front of thousands of Cisco employees from all over the world!  What an amazing experience! 

CRAVE The Movement
Ok... let me take a moment and brag about this one a little bit.  I do a lot of gigs a year, A LOT (but I still could use more... book me?)  However, Crave is consistently one of my favorites!  It's the party of all parties.  Always a packed house.  Incredible hospitality.  An incredible team.  It's a party with a purpose.  It's not useless nonsense.  There is vision, direction, heart and mind invested into these events.  The most recent stop we made was in Owensboro, KY.  We packed out some old night club with nearly 700 people.  It. Was. WILD!  I got to open up the night with a 25 minute set of I'm-so-lit-that-I-might-punch-you-in-the-face kind of energy.  Crazy!  Not only did the set come with all the bells and whistles (Co2, lights, lasers, bass, dancers, confetti) but the after party was a foam-dropping-from-the-ceiling dance party!  Tons of hits, remixes, mashups and screams that I think my ears are still ringing from.
Crave just isn't a party, it's a call to action.  Brings attention to real life problems... bullying, suicide, cutting, rape, depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse.  I've seen hundreds, maybe thousands of lives changes through this organization since my debut with them back in 2014.  
You can help make a difference in your city, book CRAVE now! -->

James Larrick