Dove Awards + Derek Minor and Canon release party!


You guys!  This has been a life changing week for me.  Literally!  Growing up in a Christian home, every year I would always look forward to watching the Dove Awards on TBN to catch live performances from some of my favorite bands such as DC Talk, Skillet, Audio Adrenaline, GRITS and Family Force 5.  It was always my dream as a kid to be able to attend (possibly even get nominated) the Doves.  Well, it finally happened!  This year along with my partners-in-crime, Light Ends Darkness, we got to attend the 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards!  It was a great experience - met some cool new people and I got to finally sit in the stands and show my support to my peers and friends in the industry!  Also, super cool moment.. I got to witness DC Talk do a reunion on stage during TobyMac's set!  My jaw dropped!  If you know me, you know that DC Talk was my life growing up!  

Also while I was in town, we had the chance to head over to Rocketown in downtown Nashville to catch Derek Minor and Canon's album release party!  I tell you what... these dudes are off the hook!  If you haven't seen either of them live (or purchased their music yet) you NEED to!  Amazing!

I gotta get off here. 
One love.

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